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Club Championships

Club Championships are open to all full paying members. There is no qualifying and seeding in each division for the match play is based on a seeded draw using handicap index at the time of the draw.

Matches are then played with a two week window to be completed by designated dates. Allowing for greater flexibility and encouraging more to take part!

Our Club Champions

Ladies 2022 Champions

Women’s Silver 1                          Aroha Minhinnick

Women’s Silver 11                         Lynda Shanks

Women’s Flight Silver 1               June Maslin

Women’s Flight Silver 11              Amelia Storey

Women’s Bronze 1                       Jean Dowling

Women’s Bronze 11                      Judy Dwyer

Women’s Bronze 111                     Helen Lissaman

Women’s Flight Bronze 1             Pru Jensen

Women’s Flight Bronze 111          Elaine Porter 


Mens 2022 Champions 

Men’s Senior                                Richard Barnes

Men’s Intermediate A                  Mike Macleod

Men’s Intermediate B                  Lance Nuttall

Men’s Junior A                             Ben Lissaman

Men’s Junior B                             Jeff Clarke

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