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Our very own FedEx Cup style points competition through the winter months. Please support Villa Maria who generously sponsor the Villa Maria Cup and provide our members with significant discounts on their cellar door wines.


Mens Final Results

1st        Glenn Kirkwood

2nd      Mike MacLeod

3rd       Mark Watson

4th       Gerry Rooney

5th       Ravi Johl

6th       Ian Newport

7th       Brian Chippendale

8th       Paul Silke

9th       Dave Knappstein

10th      James Tyson

Womens Final Results

1st        Lucy Jefferis

2nd      Julia Knowles

3rd       Julie Nicolle

4th       Jean Dowling

5th       Marion Tripe

6th       Elaine Porter

7th       Heather Stenhouse


Let's Play

Get involved with our club competitions and tournaments or if you have a fun idea for your own event please contact us.

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